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Next Generation Africa e.V. – Origin, Approach and Goals

In the first project, we achieved the first success in widening the access to education and received a lot of positive feedback from those involved in Malawi. It was clear to us, that we wanted to continue and expand this work in the future. In order to do that, we needed an organizational structure, a non-profit corporation under public law.

That is why on October 29th 2016, we founded Next Generation Africa e.V. . The organisation has been officially registered in early 2017 and officially recognized as charitable shortly afterwards. (Details: see Legal notice)

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The organisation makes it possible to collect and receive donations for the project, to exchange know-how and cooperate with other organisations (e.g. solar energy projects for schools in developing countries) and above all to do public relations work.

Next Generation Africa e. V. serves as the structural frame for our projects. These projects’ and therefore the organization’s purpose is to enhance the education access of young people in African developing countries like Malawi — using digital means.

Download the organization’s constitution (PDF; available in German only)

Why Education?

We are convinced that education is the crucial key to a society’s successful development and that it is today’s youth that will drive tomorrow’s development and prosperity. We want to contribute to attaining an equal access to education resources for young people in countries like Malawi, which will give them the chance to fulfill themselves and their ambitions for the future of their country.

Our Approach

From the ground up, this is a project of young people, by young people and for young people. And also the means and instruments used in our work originate from the world of that same generation: The era of digitization. As part of this young generation, we believe that we need to realize and embrace the internet’s and digital media’s advantages and chances. We need to understand them and use them to make a positive impact.

Gemeinsame Arbeit am Raspberry Pi
Gemeinsame Arbeit am Raspberry Pi

In pursuance of a such impact, the project does not require cost-intensive high-tech equipment, we think. Our approach is different. We believe that with simple, understandable, energy-efficient and lower-cost technology combined with a well thought-out and together with the students in Malawi elaborated project, we could make actual progress on the path to better education.

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