Who We Are

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Who are you?

We are Fred (front left) and Niels (front right). We are a team, we are friends, we graduated from school together. Together, we want to be engaged and help improve education in Malawi.

What led you to this project?

It begun with the partnership between our school — Edith-Stein-Schule in Darmstadt — and Chaminade Secondary School in Malawi. Fred had long been engaged in the so called „UNESCO club“ which dealt with the partnership. Niels joined in 2016. As a visit to Chaminade Secondary School was coming up, the idea concerning offline knowledge bases emerged. That is how the first project phase started. Motivated by the success we had at Chaminade, we wanted to do our project on a larger scale and give it an organizational structure. As a result of these plans, we founded Next Generation Africa e.V. at the end of 2016. The organisation has been officially registered in early 2017.

What do you like about Malawi?

Fred: Malawi is a hospital, peaceful as well as culturally and scenically highly interesting and beautiful country. Moreover, on all my trips to Malawi, I’ve encountered interesting and interested people whose motivation for the shared projects has been inspiring time and time again.
Niels: On our last visit, particularly the people have touched me with their open and joyful attitude. In addition to that, we experienced the students’ vast thirst for knowledge at Chaminade Secondary School. Their questions ranged from the structure of our school system to politics and corruption as well as digitization and its influence on our daily lives.

What’s your current plan for your future?

Fred: First of all study biomedicine or international relations and if possible, study abroad. I don’t have an exact plan or ideal for my career etc. I am just going to see what will come up and try to make the best of it.
Niels: I would like to keep standing up for people. It gives me the feeling that I can make a difference. In what form exactly is still to be decided. I could imagine being active in development cooperation, too. Currently, I aim at a course comprising of Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Read also: The Organization