Bildung: „The Most Powerful Tool to Change the World“

Sister Clementina Phiri, Schulleiterin der Kaseye Girls Secondary School, hat ein klares Motto, das sie auf der Wand ihres Büros stolz präsentiert: „Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world“ – so soll es Nelson Mandela gesagt haben. 📚⁣💪

Seit September 2019 ist Kaseye eine unserer Projektschulen. Unsere Digital Library bietet den Schülerinnen und Lehrer*innen eine Vielzahl hochwertiger Bildungsmaterialien, die genau an die Bedarfe und die spezifische Situation vor Ort angepasst sind. Zum Beispiel ist in Kaseye der Internet-Empfang sehr schlecht, und dazu auch noch viel zu teuer. Unsere Digital Library hat bereits alle nötigen Bildungsinhalte gespeichert, und stellt sie an der Schule völlig offline zur Verfügung. Damit wird der lang vorherrschende Mangel an Bildungsmaterialien endlich überwunden. Für viele weitere junge Menschen gelingt so der Weg zu einer guten Bildung – the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ⁣

Chaminade – ‚the school of Champions‘

The school was started in 1955 by the Father of African Mission. Initially it was located in Karonga town as a core Education Secondary School. In 1960, they expand the school and decided to move the boys from Karonga town to Bwiba the present place. In 1963 it received its name: Chaminade Secondary School. On May 28, 1963, it started the first museum in Karonga and the School started planting trees on the site of 86.3 acres of land given by Chief Kyungu Peter Mwangalawa. The museum begun with artifacts which the students brought from their respective homes. Since its inception, Chaminade Secondary School has done marvelously in academia, sports and culture. It aims to produce good students academically and morally. The school used to top in sport and drama besides leading in academia, and therefore is known as “The School Of Champions”. Currently the school is under Karonga Diocese. It is now a triple stream with the enrolment of around 550 students. The school offers the following subjects: English, French, Chichewa, History, Geography, Bible knowledge, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Biology, Home Economics, Computer studies and social studies. As a cradle of moral and academic excellence, Chaminade Secondary School is a vibrant faith community and education center. It produces graduates, sound mind and body, ready to make extraordinary contributions to the human family.

Island Mtambo
Schulleiter Chaminade