Relying on smart and impactful solutions, we strive to increase people’s access to quality education

Education should be accessible to all, even in the most remote places in the world. But that is precisely what remains a major challenge, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

Great hope is with digitization - but in many places there is no functioning Internet access. This is particularly noticeable in schools: The few textbooks available are mostly outdated, and the Internet is often not available or too expensive.

Next Generation Africa offers solutions that work simply and effectively: Our offline Xulendo Digital Libraries provide digital education access, even for the blind spots on the Internet map. The Xulendo textbooks provide access to license-free educational materials - adapted to the Malawian curriculum and the needs of schools.

For me, the Digital Library is important for my life and my career because I want to become a medical doctor. It helps me to access information and to study more about science and skills, so that I can go to university.


Student Eswazini Community Day Secondary School

We are striving to ensure that all children worldwide - even in the most remote areas of Africa - have access to education. Our work has an immediate and long-term impact. We don't need cost-intensive technical equipment, because we want to enable learning with simple, understandable, energy-efficient and cost-effective technology.

We aim to empower girls with Herlendo by providing simplified access to information on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and equipping them with the knowledge they deserve. This is made possible through localized content (including in Chichewa!), in collaboration with young Malawian women! 

"The Next Generation Africa team demonstrates with their admirable Digital Libraries project that more educational equity can be achieved even under challenging conditions through creative use of digital technologies. With the help of scientifically grounded accompanying research, they manage to further enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of their impressive commitment. I am pleased that we were able to support the two initiators with fellowships at CAIS."
Prof. Dr. Michael Baurmann​
Director, Center for Advanced Internet Studies
"Africa, with its many young people, is a continent of opportunities. To seize these opportunities, educational programs are needed. Next Generation Africa is realizing educational programs for Malawi – a tremendous step!"
Brigitte Zybris
Former Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy (Germany)
"The social commitment of Next Generation Africa for global educational juatice is absolutely impressive – especially at such a young age. By taking on the responsibility for our one world, they are role models, not just in their generation!"
Gerd Müller
Former Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development (Germany), Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

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