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The transparent presentation of our work and finances is very important to us. Hereby we want to fulfill our responsibility towards the public and the donors. We achieve this through an annual statement of income and expenditure, an activity report and a statement of assets and liabilities with evidence of the formation and development of reserves. All this can be viewed on our website. 

100% aller Spenden wird für die Arbeit für und mit den Schülern in Malawi verwendet. Der Großteil der Spenden fließt entweder in das Xulendo Digital Library Projekt, unsere Xulendo Textbooks, oder Herlendo.

Your donation to Next Generation Africa e.V. is tax deductible. If you donate online, you will automatically receive a confirmation of your donation. If you would like to receive a separate donation receipt, please let us know by email. We will then send you the donation receipts. Otherwise, the following rule applies to donations: For a donation of up to 200 euros, you do not usually have to submit a donation receipt to the tax office. Should the tax office nevertheless request a donation receipt or donation confirmation from you (e.g. because the required information is missing from your bank receipt), we will of course send it to you - even for amounts under 200.01 euros.

The entire donation process is handled via an encrypted SSL connection. This means that your donation via the Internet is as secure as online banking.

Some of the payment methods offered incur bank or processing fees. When paying by credit card, there are small processing fees per transaction. When paying by Paypal, PayPal fees also apply. You will of course receive a donation receipt for the full amount of the donation. When paying by direct bank transfer, there are no bank fees for processing your donation. We therefore recommend payment by direct bank transfer.