Partnership with Fast Networks Malawi!

We are happy to announce that we are partnering with the Malawian organization Fast Networks to push worldwide access to quality education even further! Fast Networks shall take over the technical installation as well as digital literacy workshops at several project sites, while NGA will only provide its Xulendo educational content and -platform. 

Not only will this significantly expand the reach of Xulendo educational materials – this is also a major leap towards further embedding the project in Malawi and thus reaching sustainability: we are increasingly giving the expansion of our Digital Library project into the hands of local organizations.

Our project was founded and developed by Malawian and German students, and has been led on the ground by Malawian teachers, former students and local project managers ever since. The involvement of the German side of the project team is decreased further and further, making sure the project works and further develops on its own in Malawi, without need for external support – this is real sustainability, and that’s at the core of our mission at Next Generation Africa.

More information on Fast Networks’ projects are found on More on our sustainable, digital development cooperation on